About Us

Vaidya Ashtikar's are acclaimed stalwarts in the field of Ayurveda. They inherit the lineage of three generations of traditional vaidyas. The Ashtikar clinic was established in year 1942 by great Vaidyaraj Acchyut W. Ashtikar. He was epitome of excellence in the field of Ayurveda in central India. He was great scholar of vedic literature, a prolific Sanskrit pandit and great master of ayurvedic therapeutics. He was a great "rasashtri" who invented the process of potentization of ayurvedic medicines. He passed his legacy to his son vijay ashtikar who is the ace ayurvedic physician having practicing experience of 40 years . he is the master par excellence who has trained many physicians since 20 years.

This lineage is continued by Vd. Madhav ashtikar who is practicing in Nagpur since last 16 years. He is graduate in Ayurveda and Homoeopathy and post graduate in ayurvedic medicine. He is a Sanskrit scholar with double masters and m.phil. in Sanskrit. Currently he is pursuing his ph.d in sanskrit. He is a prolific blender of traditional ayurvedic principles and modern scientific methods. He is also very popular teacher currently working with shri Ayurved college,Nagpur.

Our uniqueness : individualistic approach
According to Ayurveda each individual is unique and thus individualistic approach should be adopted for treatment. Thus, we begin the treatment with detail case taking which includes prakruti parikshan i.e. assessment of personality of the patient. it is followed by nadi parikshan i.e. pulse examination. Pulse is the mirror of psycho-somatic constitution of the individual as well as the most trusted tool of disease diagnosis. Then begins the hunt for aetiological factors of the disease. Details of routine, dietary habits, regimen characteristics etc. are noted and offending factors are isolated. thus, each patient gets individual attention in the process of healing.

Participation of patient in the process of treatment:
we don't allow our patients to act just as a receptor of medicine.

we encourage their full participation in the process of healing by making them to change their life style, making them to adopt healthy habits, give up addictions, exercising regularly, meditating and practicing yoga. this automatically ensues prevention and non recurrence of disease imparting annihilation of the disease.