Least medication: - we are against lenient medication policy has been to, we make patients aware the fact that they have been to us for getting cured and not gulping medicines. We make patients to contribute in the process of healing by positively changing their lifestyle habits and other modalities. The benefit of that process is that, the patient heals by its own effect and remains disease free for whole of his/her life.

Use of micro doses with potentized medicines(sookshma aushadhi)
Vd. Ashtikar are honoured as founders of potentise medicines(sookshma aushadhi) in Ayurveda. Method of potentization decreases the material dose of crud drug in medicine, alleviating the concern of adverse drug reaction. These potentise medicines are administered in very small doses and thus are very easy to consume. Being testy even infants take them happily, potentise medicines bypass the alimentary canal, act dynamically and deliver gun shot effects imparting the patient the benefit of early relief.

Our Special interest Areas:

Obesity and Diabetes:
We are well acclaimed weight management expert. Hundreds of patients have benefited by our "Positive weight management programme". The beauty of the program lies in the fact that, the weight once lost remains constant and does not increase again which is the main concern in all other therapies. Patients have seen remarkable change in themselves by adopting our weight management program.

Diabetes is not a disease which can be managed with certain medicines. It is the lifestyle associated disorder which needs holistic management approach, diabetes can be managed very effectively if patient comes with recently diagnosed disease or in pre-diabetic stage. Concordant therapy is advised if disease is chronic and patient is already on allopathic medicines.

Ayurvedic treatment benefits the patient by preventing him from landing into fatal diabetic complication which are indispensible with chronic allopathic treatment.

Psoriasis and Skin Diseases:
Psoriasis is a chronic auto immune exfoliative skin disease. Dr. Ashtikar are pioneer in psoriasis treatment in central India. We have cured hundreds of patients in Ninety years of our clinical practice. Allopathic treatment can suppress the malady but is notoriously toxic. Ayurveda can very effectively treat this condition safely in benign way.

many patients have achieved life long relief with our treatment.

snoring is not just an annoying complaint, it's a serious cardio-pulmonary disease with protean complications. Treatment of this disease in allopathy is like adding insult to the injury of the patient. The patient is shifted on CPAP machine which patient uses daily during sleeping hours. Ayurveda with its holistic approach can permanently cure this disease. Polycystic ovarian disease : Increasing number of young females are becoming infertile due to this disease. Hormone replacement therapy is a temporary solution but its available at the cost of serious complications like heart attack. We have successfully cured hundreds of patients who are now happily enjoying their motherhood.

90 percent of the patients suffering from disc lesions don't actually need surgical intervention. Ayurvedic treatment can successfully cure this disease with the help of panchakarma and medicines. We boast to have 100 percent success rate in the treatment of this disease. Not a single patient has needed surgery after taking our treatment.

This is the major strength area of Ayurveda. Arthritis can be completely cured if it's recent in onset and can be effectively managed if chronic in manifestation. Allopathic treatments for this disease are highly toxic with potentially serious side effects necessitating continuous medical monitoring.